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Busy in July… preparing for an Eventful August

July was indeed a busy month. Preparing for an ecommerce conference, pitching to several potential investors, all the while providing customers support and making progress with new developments.
August will be even more eventful…

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The DO IT Button by IFTTT – Only as a Chip in my Brain

Recently, the IFTTT (if this than that) has introduced a new service, the DO Button. This service, available for mobile devices, empowers you to create your own personalized button with just a tap.



With the DO Button you can save time and control the world around you with Recipes that connect your button to Philips Hue, Google Drive, Nest Thermostat, and hundreds of Channels you use every day.

This new feature is competing against existing services, but seems to have the advantage of an already existing and experienced product. IFTTT already has many users and many ready-to-use Recipes which makes the experience of the DO Button more immediate and fulfilling.

The DO Button service, and other similar to it, offer to create a “shortcut” button on our mobile devices, for our favorites actions, online and offline. The real jump leapfrog for this kind of service will be the DO Brain Chip.

When you have a short-cut thought, you can achieve much more in less time. You can shop in your favorite super-market, while on the phone with your mother, while chatting with friends, and all that while you are playing tennis with your partner.


This post brought to you, in preparations to April’s Fool Day 😉

Wide-range Internet Using Your Car and Public Transportation

Some 3 years ago, while driving my car on the way to a client, I thought about the Internet and connectivity. I remembered that sometimes I get bad or no reception at all. This must of happened to you, at least once, while on the road, your mobile reception drops and you lose your internet connectivity.

And so, I was thinking about creating a wide range internet connectivity network, using car-to-car and public transportation vehicles as routes for the network. So, the more players you have on the network, the stronger and more stable it is. For several reasons, back then, I drop this idea and moved on to other projects.

This week, in Portugal, VENIAM was rising, a wireless network was created of WiFi vehicles and public transportation locataions, with the potential of creating a truly smart city.



Google Glass is A Dead Enterprise Wearable with Lost Potential

As a response to my previously posted blog Google Glass Sucks and it’s Dead? Wait, what?! :

Google announced it was ending the Glass Explorer program yesterday (on the 15th) and handing over the reins to Nest’s Tony Fadell, it seemed to exit with more of a whimper than a scream. Let’s face it, from its earliest days, people loved to hate Glass.

In fact, from the moment Google announced Glass, people reacted harshly to the new technology. They simply hated the idea of nerds with computers on their faces who could take photos or videos surreptitiously. A new word, Glassholes, entered the popular lexicon to describe folks who wore Glass.

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But, does that mean Google Glass is really dead this time?

In its current form, Glass is undoubtedly dead, but there’s no reason to believe Google won’t relaunch it with a new version in the coming month — likely around its annual I/O developer conference.

Now, Glass is becoming its own business unit inside of Google, Tony Fadell will oversee the program, and sales to businesses, developers and schools will continue. Google is also encouraging developers to continue writing apps for the platform. Those are not signs that Google plans to cancel the platform. With Fadell in charge, I doubt Google will only focus on business use cases, as Fadell doesn’t do enterprise.

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Do you this the Glass will be re-born as a successful wearable or will die in to the night?

Google Glass Competitor the Vuzix’s M100 teamed up with Amazon

Vuzix’s is getting ready to take on Google Glass with the M100. To do so, it has teamed up with Amazon to sell an exclusive “prosumer” through its recently introduced Wearable Tech store.

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Quick Tips for In-App Purchase Success

When using in-app purchase to monetize on your mobile app, you should do it correct the first time or-else the customer wont give you another chance.

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Apple’s iWatch is Coming

Apple’s wearable answer is the iWatch.
Even if not yet confirmed, the tech world is full of rumors and concept designs for it.

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Email Marketing to Web and Mobile

Fact: 25% of smartphone owners ages 18-44 say they can’t recall the last time their smartphone wasn’t next to them

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Have Many Credit Cards? Start Using COIN

Credit Cards exist for decades and are serving us well for shopping, payment, gift giving and more. It’s time now for the product itself to be upgraded to the 21st century.

Many companies, including Google, PayPal and Amazon, are competing to make the Mobile Wallet, with which we, the consumers, be using daily to make our payments, shopping and more. But, many this small startup will be the one to take Take The Jackpot.

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Response to: Parallax Is Bad For Your Site

In a post, from November 7th, 2013, the SmashingHub rolls out 5 reasons why Parallax is bad for your site. SmashingHub argues that this design style will slowly fade out during 2014.

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