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Long time no (see) write

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. There are 2 reasons for that: one, I didn’t have much time, and had lots on my mind. And two, which is the main cause, I had many changes in my personal life.

In the last couple of months, I moved to a new apartment and my son was born. These 2 events have kept my hands (and head) full: getting familiarize with parenting, as well as house holding.

But, I am getting back on the horse, which also means, getting back to writing on the Digital Product Critic blog.

As always, I will keep sharing new and wonderful apps, sites and gadgets as they are launched. So you will be one of the first to hear and experience them.

I will also write a weekly (hope to keep it weekly) review on a specific site/service/gadget, from my point of view (as the Digital Product Critic): user experience, design, usability and more.

Hope to keep you informed, knowledgeable and entertained (sometimes) with all the reviews and news I have to share in the digital realm.

Yours, RonB


Google continues with Glass 2 – Early Prototypes in the hands of Developers

As the public already knows this, Google’s Glass project has gone away for the time being. But, as it seems, Google is still heading strong on continuing with Glass further study and development. Only this time, away from the public eye.

Google is working with developers on the next version, Google Glass 2 (as reported from 9to5Google). Prototypes of the new Glass might already be in the hands of developers (at Work partners) who have received “very early versions” of the next iteration of Google Glass. With these trusted developers, Google will give consumers a reason to get excited about its wearable in the coming months.

Oculus Rift and Gear VR have taken the place of Glass as the most discussed headsets on the market. The upcoming HoloLens, by Microsoft, is also competing for the public attention and love, and is expected to give a very good fight. And so, Google will have to find a way to compete in a field that has changed significantly since the first Glass models began shipping.


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The MAKERS Movement and Your Place In It

Lately the MAKERS Movement has been talked about in many places and occasions. Being a Maker means to have a set of diverse capabilities, in both the digital and the physical worlds. But Makers existed for many years, so why is this term, The MAKERS Movement, only now comes to life and what makes today’s Maker different from the “old” Maker?

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The Miracle Machine turned out to be a Donation Call

A few weeks ago, Kevin Boyer who’s a wine lover and Philip James, an entrepreneur, revealed their Miracle Machine. Their product said to turn water and a few ingredients to fine wine.Tag lining it as THE WORLD’S FIRST AFFORDABLE WINEMAKING DEVICE FOR THE HOME.

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Genband To Purchase Fring The Israeli Startup Voip Pioneer

This is BIG news. Not just because Fring is an Israeli startup, but also and mainly because Fring is a client. At the begging of 2013 I’ve taken the Fring project under the Digital Product Critic service. Since than I’ve helped Fring in developing and enhancing their mobile, web and social assets.

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Free WiFi Internet In Tel Aviv Israel

In the last few months the city of Tel Aviv Israel is undergoing a digital upgrade. It started with the launch of the city’s own mobile application, presenting with the city’s GIS system,   application development competition using the city’s open data centers and also online issuing residents of tel aviv with individual Digital Resident Smart Card.

On Sep 10th, 2013 the city hall announced the launch of its free wifi internet access, spreading all across the city at 60 locations, with total investment of 60M NIS (shekel, the Israeli currency).

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And For The Good News

“And in other news… millions of people were happy today – smiles were abound. Plus,

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Google Glass for the Blind – OrCam

OrCam harnesses the power of Artificial Vision to compensate for lost visual abilities. OrCam is a sensor that sees what is in front of you, understands what information you seek and provides it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece.

And, much like the Google Glass, the sensor and camera are placed on top of the glasses to detect your view and gestures.

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Success In Business By Making A Bread

This is a bread. Whole wheat flour bread. I baked it.
This is the fifth time I tried to make the bread. Each time, I failed.

While working with the whole wheat flour and trying to make the bread, I remembered some important lessons about business and entrepreneurship:

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