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Hi there – SHALOM

I am an internet and technology fan boy; An internet & mobile entrepreneur looking for beautiful, inspiring and innovative ideas.

Born on 1981 in Israel, I started showing early signs of love for technology, the internet and creative ideas.

As the year 2000 came and left the passing millennium behind, so did I, leaving my youth, stepping out into the cruel, yet warm internet world.

At first I was delivering website development services to a handful few, among them Edith.co.il, which had several stores in Israel and an e-commerce website.

In 2006 I co-founded inManage.co.il to deliver Web Development services to small and medium businesses. During that time I also graduated my BA degree in Business Management and Marketing.

In 2009 I founded and operated iMob.co.il as an iPhone Apps Development service provider. I also developed Navi Arnavi (navi.co.il) which delivered iphone apps and games targeted to children.

During 2010, I co-founded Astrolome.com, with my partners, with the goal of delivering personal and accurate astrology.

In mid 2010, I co-founded FlyingBooks.me to offer educational e-books for toddlers and young children. The company offered its product via website, ipad and iphone app. It won The Best Mobile Educational App for 2012 by EduBlog.

In the late 2011, I co-founded JongouApps.com, while taking the position of CTO and VP R&D. JongouApps was delivering a centralized smart cms for small and medium businesses, while giving them the power to manage their digital presence and e-commerce on multiple channels (web, mobile, social networks, tv etc.).

At the end of 2012, I designed to utilize all the knowledge, tools, experience and hard learned lessons to help early stage startups and small businesses to create, plan, develop, implement, manage and basically bring their ideas to life.

And the rest, as they say, is history… (or future)


I am focusing on User Interface and Experience, Context, Gamification, Mobile and Social.

Gamification Workshop, by Mario Herger


Responsive Design, by Chris Converse



I am also a TED.com follower and translator as I love creative and smart solutions – “don’t imitate, innovate”.

In the evenings, unless I really don’t have the time for it, you can find me keeping in shape, in the gym, or just jogging.

Online, you can catch me on LinkedIn:

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