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The Facebook Marketing Map

Marketing on a Social Network like Facebook can be accomplished in many ways and using many tools. In this post I will show you the secret to successful marketing strategy on Facebook.

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Facebook to Purchase the Israeli Onavo


To both Facebook and Onavo.

Facebook – for your first office in Israel.

Onavo – for being purchased by Facebook.

More at: TechCrunch


Do You Know How Many Targeting Options There Are In Facebook Ads?

When defining the targeting on facebook ads, you can select and filter your exact audience. You have many options to do so. Targeting is done basically by selecting and filtering your desired customers. By answering some questions, you filter out does who are not your focus market until you end up with your most valuable customers.

So, how many targeting combinations there are? A lot, more than a googol.

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Free WiFi Internet In Tel Aviv Israel

In the last few months the city of Tel Aviv Israel is undergoing a digital upgrade. It started with the launch of the city’s own mobile application, presenting with the city’s GIS system,   application development competition using the city’s open data centers and also online issuing residents of tel aviv with individual Digital Resident Smart Card.

On Sep 10th, 2013 the city hall announced the launch of its free wifi internet access, spreading all across the city at 60 locations, with total investment of 60M NIS (shekel, the Israeli currency).

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Facebook Posting Strategy

Are you using Facebook? for Personal/Social purposes or for your Business? Either way,  when you are posting, uploading and sharing on Facebook, you should know how this platform works, the DOs and DONTs, how your audience response to your posts etc.

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