Still Handing Your Resume on Paper?

Back in the old days, we used to send our resume document via the postal mail, the fax and then by an email message. We also used to bring a printout of the resume when meeting with the HR personnel . Nowadays, you have so many media channels on one hand, and on the other … Continue reading Still Handing Your Resume on Paper?

Taking the Bus? Meet HopOn for Easy Bus Payments

Many people are using public transportation in general and the bus is particular. And though we are in the 21st century, paying for the bus feels kind of old. I mean, it can be much more technologically advanced as well as easier and faster to use.
The new Israeli startup HopOn wants to become the Get Taxi for the Bus. Using NFC technology, the passenger will use his mobile phone to make the payment for the bus ride, without the need to carry on cash.

Do You Know How Many Targeting Options There Are In Facebook Ads?

When defining the targeting on facebook ads, you can select and filter your exact audience. You have many options to do so. Targeting is done basically by selecting and filtering your desired customers. By answering some questions, you filter out does who are not your focus market until you end up with your most valuable customers.

Free WiFi Internet In Tel Aviv Israel

In the last few months the city of Tel Aviv Israel is undergoing a digital upgrade. On Sep 10th, 2013 the city hall announced the launch of its free wifi internet access, spreading all across the city at 60 locations, with total investment of 60M NIS (shekel, the Israeli currency). The tel aviv free wifi network spreads across the city and includes parks, main and side streets, industrial zones and also the beaches.