How to Approach Tech Bloggers

Tech bloggers, as are other news bloggers, don’t have time to waste, especially not on reading every single email they are getting from every single source. Of course, your story is much more important than others, but still, there are others… In this quick guide, I will review some important factors to remember and recommendations … Continue reading How to Approach Tech Bloggers

Have Many Credit Cards? Start Using COIN

Credit Cards exist for decades and are serving us well for shopping, payment, gift giving and more. It’s time now for the product itself to be upgraded to the 21st century. A San-Francisco based startup named Coin is presenting their solution, claiming it’s easy and effective. The Coin Card allows you to use it like any other credit card. The secret is that the coin card actually holds the digital information of all your other cards.

Taking the Bus? Meet HopOn for Easy Bus Payments

Many people are using public transportation in general and the bus is particular. And though we are in the 21st century, paying for the bus feels kind of old. I mean, it can be much more technologically advanced as well as easier and faster to use.
The new Israeli startup HopOn wants to become the Get Taxi for the Bus. Using NFC technology, the passenger will use his mobile phone to make the payment for the bus ride, without the need to carry on cash.

Projects & Clients

As The Digital Product Critic, i am using all my senses to analyze, “feel”, see, “smell”, manipulate and understand the concepts and the products i come across and asked to create, change and improve. John Geirland, the psychology doctor who is a writer and management consultant specializing in new media, says that “We are multimedia organisms“, … Continue reading Projects & Clients

About Ron Bentata

Hi there – SHALOM I am an internet and technology fan boy; An internet & mobile entrepreneur looking for beautiful, inspiring and innovative ideas. Born on 1981 in Israel, I started showing early signs of love for technology, the internet and creative ideas. As the year 2000 came and left the passing millennium behind, so did … Continue reading About Ron Bentata