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As The Digital Product Critic, i am using all my senses to analyze, “feel”, see, “smell”, manipulate and understand the concepts and the products i come across and asked to create, change and improve. John Geirland, the psychology doctor who is a writer and management consultant specializing in new media, says that “We are multimedia organisms“, … Continue reading Projects & Clients

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Social Networks: You can find me on:  Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter  SlideShare  Google+ Page CrunchBase Pinterest FourSquare MosaicHub YouTube Plancast  AngelList   Email me: You are also welcomed to send me an email message, to   I will get back to you within 24 hours. Happy Business 😉   Get my latest … Continue reading Contact Me

About Ron Bentata

Hi there – SHALOM I am an internet and technology fan boy; An internet & mobile entrepreneur looking for beautiful, inspiring and innovative ideas. Born on 1981 in Israel, I started showing early signs of love for technology, the internet and creative ideas. As the year 2000 came and left the passing millennium behind, so did … Continue reading About Ron Bentata