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Soon, Your Heartbeat Could Replace Your Signature

Many companies are developing and implementing payment systems that use fingerprints, eye scans, blood veins, and heartbeats as payment methods. These methods may well replace the traditional, and easily stolen, plastic credit cards that carry your personal information.

Currently, banks are issuing credit cards that have both the magnetic strip of information and a computer chip embedded in them with personal information; But, they are refusing to demand users input a PIN to access their credit. In their opinion,  it is too much of an imposition to force consumers to both sign a receipt and type in a four-number code to ensure their personal information safety.

Biometric Security, is the idea of linking between a person’s unique physical signatures, such as heartbeat or iris prints, to their credit card information. Similar to Apple’s fingerprint scanning technology on the iPhone; The same technology could be used for payment systems.

Bionym has created a device known as Nymi, which has a heartbeat-monitoring armband that can link with a payment terminal to authorize a purchase. The Nymi armband does not even transmit biometric information; instead it confirms a person’s identity through the heartbeat, then encrypts the necessary credit information that can only be read by a payment terminal that reads heartbeats.

Bionym says the Nymi could replace many other items the average consumer carries, such as car keys. The information that can be stored in the Nymi and accessed only through the signature heartbeat is nearly endless.

“You can leave your phone and wallet at home, go for a run, pick up a coffee and snack and return home,” said Bionym president Andrew D’Souza to

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Would YOU use your own heart beat to replace your passwords?


Instacart, a Grocery-Delivery Startup, is Evaluated At A $2 Billion

Back in June, the company’s valuation was $400 million and it raised $44 million. So that’s a pretty big valuation leap. Founder and CEO Apoorva Mehta said the company planned to use the new funding for continued geographic growth, technology enhancements, and category expansion.

Instacart, launched about 3 years ago, operates in 15 cities and service 4,000 shoppers with groceries delivery.

Instacart is just one of several startups trying to tackle the speedy-delivery space, including New York-based WunWun, which delivers small orders of groceries and other goods without a delivery fee in under an hour, and Postmates, which does the same, but with a $5 delivery fee. It also competes with FreshDirect, which delivers groceries to the Northeast with a delivery fee of up to $7.99 for next-day service.

Big players like Google, with Shopping Express, and Amazon, with AmazonFresh, are also experimenting with same-day grocery delivery. Both can bring customers their goods same-day, but with longer delivery windows than those of Instacart, Postmates, or WunWun.

This fund-raise was reported by TechCrunch at the beginning of December 2014.


The Main Skill of Venture Capital is Saying NO

Startups and Entrepreneurs seeking for financing are rejected, about 99% of them. This reality is harsh to acknowledge, especially if you are on the side being rejected. Angels and Venture Capital companies are not your enemy, rather they can be your valuable friend.

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Quick Tips for In-App Purchase Success

When using in-app purchase to monetize on your mobile app, you should do it correct the first time or-else the customer wont give you another chance.

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iPhone, Smart Home, Comcast and Gamification – weekly roundup

Comcast taught us about customer service, our Smart Homes just got smarter and KickStarter and IndieGoGo continue to bring up new and innovative products.

Hello again. A new week is just about to start, and this is a great time to take a quick look at what we had this week.

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The Miracle Machine turned out to be a Donation Call

A few weeks ago, Kevin Boyer who’s a wine lover and Philip James, an entrepreneur, revealed their Miracle Machine. Their product said to turn water and a few ingredients to fine wine.Tag lining it as THE WORLD’S FIRST AFFORDABLE WINEMAKING DEVICE FOR THE HOME.

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Have Many Credit Cards? Start Using COIN

Credit Cards exist for decades and are serving us well for shopping, payment, gift giving and more. It’s time now for the product itself to be upgraded to the 21st century.

Many companies, including Google, PayPal and Amazon, are competing to make the Mobile Wallet, with which we, the consumers, be using daily to make our payments, shopping and more. But, many this small startup will be the one to take Take The Jackpot.

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Still Handing Your Resume on Paper?

Back in the old days, we used to send our resume document via the postal mail, the fax and then by an email message. We also used to bring a printout of the resume when meeting with the HR personnel .

Nowadays, you have so many media channels on one hand, and on the other hand, the HR manager has so little time to review your resume and consider whether to hire you or kick your as…

Knowing how to present yourself can bring you much closer to that dream job you so desire.

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Do You Know How Many Targeting Options There Are In Facebook Ads?

When defining the targeting on facebook ads, you can select and filter your exact audience. You have many options to do so. Targeting is done basically by selecting and filtering your desired customers. By answering some questions, you filter out does who are not your focus market until you end up with your most valuable customers.

So, how many targeting combinations there are? A lot, more than a googol.

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Drill Down Your Revenue with the Digital Marketing Analysis Tree

Have you ever wanted to track and break down your digital marketing impact on your revenue? With this quick drill down tree, you can analyze your digital marketing activities.

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