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Are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Headsets really the Next Big Thing?

Since Glass was first introduced by Google, many companies believe that the next big thing is wearing computers on your face.

Just last week, HTC and Valve demonstrated their face-mounted computer, called Vive, and it was met with wild rapturous applause from tech writers.

Here is a quick overview of all the different virtual and augmented reality headsets that companies are building and showing off these days:

  • Vive VR, by HTC and Valve.
  • Oculus Rift, by Facebook.
  • Gear VR, by Samsung  and Oculus.
  • HoloLens, by Microsoft.
  • Magic Leap, a startup by Rony Abovitz, invested by Google, Marc Andreessen, Qualcomm and others.
  • Project Morpheus, by Sony.
  • Glass, by Google.


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Google continues with Glass 2 – Early Prototypes in the hands of Developers

As the public already knows this, Google’s Glass project has gone away for the time being. But, as it seems, Google is still heading strong on continuing with Glass further study and development. Only this time, away from the public eye.

Google is working with developers on the next version, Google Glass 2 (as reported from 9to5Google). Prototypes of the new Glass might already be in the hands of developers (at Work partners) who have received “very early versions” of the next iteration of Google Glass. With these trusted developers, Google will give consumers a reason to get excited about its wearable in the coming months.

Oculus Rift and Gear VR have taken the place of Glass as the most discussed headsets on the market. The upcoming HoloLens, by Microsoft, is also competing for the public attention and love, and is expected to give a very good fight. And so, Google will have to find a way to compete in a field that has changed significantly since the first Glass models began shipping.


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Levitating Bluetooth Speakers are Here to Stay

Lately, the personal music market have seen more and more gadgets to enhance sound quality of music and our experience of it. Great sound system is a must in every home and to every music lover, and if the speaker/system looks good, that’s even better.

The levitating speakers use magnetic levitation to get the speaker to float about an inch off of the base, and it spins while it plays. One of the great things about levitating speakers is the fact the you get a 360° sound quality.

In the past week, two crowd-sourced projects for Levitating Bluetooth Speakers came to my attention:

The Mars’s Levitating 360° Sound Projection

This speaker reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station. It detects the distance  of your bluetooth-paired phone, and adjust the sound accordingly.

You can see more details on the project’s page:


The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker packs a punch of sound: a full, crisp, clear 105 decibels. Similarly to the Mar’s speaker, the Om/One also acts as a microphone, so you can use it to take calls.

You can see more details on the project’s page:


Do you know of other levitating speakers? or, levitating cool gadgets?


Google Glass Competitor the Vuzix’s M100 teamed up with Amazon

Vuzix’s is getting ready to take on Google Glass with the M100. To do so, it has teamed up with Amazon to sell an exclusive “prosumer” through its recently introduced Wearable Tech store.

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Apple’s iWatch is Coming

Apple’s wearable answer is the iWatch.
Even if not yet confirmed, the tech world is full of rumors and concept designs for it.

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