Google Glass is A Dead Enterprise Wearable with Lost Potential

As a response to my previously posted blog Google Glass Sucks and it’s Dead? Wait, what?! : Google announced it was ending the Glass Explorer program yesterday (on the 15th) and handing over the reins to Nest’s Tony Fadell, it seemed to exit with more of a whimper than a scream. Let’s face it, from its earliest … Continue reading Google Glass is A Dead Enterprise Wearable with Lost Potential


The MAKERS Movement and Your Place In It

Lately the MAKERS Movement has been talked about in many places and occasions. Being a Maker means to have a set of diverse capabilities, in both the digital and the physical worlds. But Makers existed for many years, so why is this term, The MAKERS Movement, only now comes to life and what makes today’s Maker different … Continue reading The MAKERS Movement and Your Place In It


Customer Developer vs. Design Thinking

According to Steve Blank, and as we all now by know, Startups are not mini-version of big companies, and Big Companies are not the large-version of Startups. While they both emphasize getting out of the building and taking to customers, they’re not the same. In his latest post, Steve explains why and what is the … Continue reading Customer Developer vs. Design Thinking


Taking the Bus? Meet HopOn for Easy Bus Payments

Many people are using public transportation in general and the bus is particular. And though we are in the 21st century, paying for the bus feels kind of old. I mean, it can be much more technologically advanced as well as easier and faster to use.
The new Israeli startup HopOn wants to become the Get Taxi for the Bus. Using NFC technology, the passenger will use his mobile phone to make the payment for the bus ride, without the need to carry on cash.

Projects & Clients

As The Digital Product Critic, i am using all my senses to analyze, “feel”, see, “smell”, manipulate and understand the concepts and the products i come across and asked to create, change and improve. John Geirland, the psychology doctor who is a writer and management consultant specializing in new media, says that “We are multimedia organisms“, … Continue reading Projects & Clients