Next Wave of Entrepreneurship with Guy Kawasaki and Steve Case

Steve Case is, the co-founder of America Online (#AOL), written a book called The Third Wave: An Entrepreneurs Vision of the Future. Guy Kawasaki recommends that you read it to gain insights into the next curve of tech entrepreneurship. You can get it here. In his book, Steve talks about the importance of the 4 P’s to help you being successful: people, product, partnerships, perseverance. He also mentions what are the 5 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when pitching their startups.

Customer Developer vs. Design Thinking

According to Steve Blank, and as we all now by know, Startups are not mini-version of big companies, and Big Companies are not the large-version of Startups. While they both emphasize getting out of the building and taking to customers, they’re not the same. In his latest post, Steve explains why and what is the … Continue reading Customer Developer vs. Design Thinking

iPhone, Smart Home, Comcast and Gamification – weekly roundup

Comcast taught us about customer service, our Smart Homes just got smarter and KickStarter and IndieGoGo continue to bring up new and innovative products. Hello again. A new week is just about to start, and this is a great time to take a quick look at what we had this week.