Next Wave of Entrepreneurship with Guy Kawasaki and Steve Case

Steve Case is, the co-founder of America Online (#AOL), written a book called The Third Wave: An Entrepreneurs Vision of the Future. Guy Kawasaki recommends that you read it to gain insights into the next curve of tech entrepreneurship. You can get it here. In his book, Steve talks about the importance of the 4 P’s to help you being successful: people, product, partnerships, perseverance. He also mentions what are the 5 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when pitching their startups.

Playing Games with Yu-Kai Chou

Gamification has the power to motivate users and customers, directing them towards your business needs and objectives. Yu-Kai Chou is the top authority on gamification and human motivation through game-like processes design. Together we have developed the Octalysis Online Tool, to help its users create octalysis graphs, as part of the process of gamifying their businesses.
In the beginning of 2016, I have upgraded this tool, with a new and very useful feature: Save & Load.