How to Approach Tech Bloggers

Tech bloggers, as are other news bloggers, don’t have time to waste, especially not on reading every single email they are getting from every single source. Of course, your story is much more important than others, but still, there are others… In this quick guide, I will review some important factors to remember and recommendations … Continue reading How to Approach Tech Bloggers

Still Handing Your Resume on Paper?

Back in the old days, we used to send our resume document via the postal mail, the fax and then by an email message. We also used to bring a printout of the resume when meeting with the HR personnel . Nowadays, you have so many media channels on one hand, and on the other … Continue reading Still Handing Your Resume on Paper?

Contact Me

Social Networks: You can find me on:  Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter  SlideShare CrunchBase YouTube  AngelList   Email me: You are also welcome to send me an email message, at   I will get back to you within 24 hours. Happy Business 😉   Get my latest updates Subscribe to my newsletter: Email address First … Continue reading Contact Me

About Ron Bentata

Hi there – SHALOM I am an internet and technology fan boy; An internet & mobile entrepreneur looking for beautiful, inspiring and innovative ideas. Born on 1981 in Israel, I started showing early signs of love for technology, the internet and creative ideas. As the year 2000 came and left the passing millennium behind, so did … Continue reading About Ron Bentata